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Browser Based Control


Full control system accessed via a browser allowing maximum system portability.


Control software of Critus in situ electric field cells is embedded within the systems.  No dedicated control PC is required, and all control and macroscopic property data acquisition is performed through a browser.  The system can be connected directly to a single computer via a simple USB connection, or registered on the local network and controlled from any PC on the same network.  This versatility allows for the system to be utilised as stand-alone instruments in a lab, or within the complex control environments of synchrotron x-ray sources where communication to other equipment is necessary. 


Once connected, simply open a browser window and navigate to the device address to find a fully featured and ultra-responsive control interface.  The system is built using online gaming technology and optimised for rapid data presentation and active control of the device.  Data are quickly visible and downloadable from the device in multiple formats.

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