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Critus was founded by Associate Professor John Daniels, currently at UNSW Sydney.  John has 15 years of experience using x-ray and neutron scattering for the investigation of structure-property relationships in electro-mechanical materials.  His prior work has contributed to our understanding of electro-mechanical coupling mechanisms in a range of materials and resulted in over 100 publications.

Motivated by allowing non-specialist  to perform more complex in situ experiments, Critus has created a set of measurement cells to cover the majority of possible electric-field-dependent x-ray diffraction experiments on a range of materials, and varying x-ray sources.

Difficulties in access, instrumentation development and safety considerations are all barriers to performing experiments with applied electric fields.

Whats in the name...  Democritus was the first philosopher to speculate on the atomic nature of matter.  We've taken part of his name for our company as our devices make measurements of the atomic structure of matter.  We'll continue expanding our device offerings in this research area.